Friday, May 23, 2008

Lee's Deli Does the Right Thing

Whenever I don't bring lunch from home, I make it a point to go to Lee's Deli in San Francisco for two reasons:

1) They're cheap - I can usually get lunch for under $5

2) They "pay" me for using reusable containers
a) Soup - I bring in a SF Soup company reusable soup bowl, and they give me 50 cent discount every time I use it.
b) Salad - I bring in a Quizno's take-out salad container, and they round down to the nearest dollar, which averages to a 50 cent discount per lunch.

Also, I never accept either a paper bag or plastic utensil from the cashier.

1 comment:

Reids said...

you have got to be joking. you might as well call this place "Salmone-lees" for its brown mayonnaise. What about the pigeons wandering in off the street which huddle below the salad bar? didn't you ever wonder why the employees don't seem to shoo them away? You've got me on price and fast service, but that chicken salad is all cartilege