Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Water Usage Report: July-August 2008

We just received our water bill for the two-month period ending in August 2008, and I am pleased to announce that we have reduced our water usage by 25% versus the prior year. Due to a drought, the local water utility (EBMUD) had imposed voluntary water restrictions whose primary effect would be to impose heavy fines on households not cutting back on their water usage by at least 20%.

For the record, our water usage during the period went from 400 gallons per day, down to 300. We achieved this in the following manner:

1) I reduced the watering of our lawn from 8 minutes down to 6 minutes per day, and completely eliminated watering the left-hand side of our backyard.

2) I only flush the toilet after Russell, Punky and I all pee in sequence.

3) I run the dishwasher only once a month.

4) I bathe only every other day (yeah, I know its gross). This now applies to everyone in our family.

5) Jenny no longer leaves the faucet running when she brushes her teeth.

6) I no longer wash the cars.

My thanks to everyone in our household for their cooperation.

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I.E. Wirtz said...

You are not James Chen...
you are JAMES CHEN, right?
A different man.
When the world implodes because of our excess of thirts (we as men) will be in need of more donut shops and guys like you.
Good luck, pardner'!