Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Old Book and Toy Giveaway

My kids don't have a lot of toys and books--everything they've had the past 5 years fits into 4 or 5 legal-size file boxes--but I've been struggling to find a good place to send them. I've thought about giving then to the Salvation Army, but at their local thrift store, I noticed that they don't sell too many of these items. And I haven't really gotten into the Alameda Freecycle swing of things.

Luckily, Russell and Punky's some-time baby-sitter is starting up her own daycare business. So she recently asked us to donate our old toys and books to her for the kids to play with. I'm really happy that these toys and books--many of which are 2nd and 3rd generation hand-me-downs--will be put to good use. Our baby-sitter is a good person and I hope that her business succeeds. Let me know if you need a good daycare provider with a lot of good books and educational toys (like puzzles and building sets).

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